Thursday, 9 April 2015

Too Faced La Creme Colour Drenched Lip Cream Lipstick ♡

(I know that both of these lipstick's look exactly the same colour, but I can promise you that they're not). I am so happy that I decided to purchase these luxurious Creme Lipstick's from Too Faced. They are so moisturising and don't leave my lips feeling all dry and cracked (like the majority of lipstick's do). So far I have only purchased two of Too Faced's lipsticks and I most definitely intend to buy more, especially a nude shade. The two shades I own are 'Cinnamon Kiss' and 'Loganberry'.

I actually purchased both of these lipsticks on eBay as they were a lot cheaper (here - £11.95 with free P&P).

Cinnamon Kiss - £18.00

I literally cannot get over how gorgeous this shade is! As I have said before, these lipsticks are super moisturising on the lips and leave them looking dewy and soft which is always great. They're not sticky at all and they definitely are not drying which is why I love them so much.
How cute is the shade name of this particular lipstick too?! I'm too obsessed. Too Faced have got their packaging down to an absolute T! I'm a little bit of a sucker when it comes to cute gold packaging!

Loganberry - £18.00

I am also in love with this shade. It is just the perfect shade of dark purple that isn't too dark that it makes you look like you have the skin colour of a white sheet of paper (admit it, we all hate looking so pale that people think we're ill..). It is also not too light either, having a lipstick that looks extremely pigmented and then applies sheer is possibly one of the most annoying things when purchasing a lipstick and these definitely do not disappoint in that area.

It is fair to say that Too Faced La Creme Lipstick's are to die for and I encourage you guys to splurge a little and purchase one for yourself. Go on, treat yourself!

Do any of you own any Too Faced products?xoxo


  1. I really wanted to get some of these but wasnt quite ready to splash out without knowing how good they are but this post has definitely persuaded me to get at least one!!

    1. I know exactly how you feel because that's how I felt! But then I saw them on eBay for £11 and just went for it and now I know why they're priced at £18 as they're such good quality! Thank you xoxo


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