Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection Flat Contour Brush 301 ♡

As soon as I saw that Real Techniques had some brand new brushes out, a new set of premium brushes, I instantly knew that I had to get my hands on one of the rose gold ones. They are just so pretty and rose gold is one of my most favourite colours at the moment.

There are seven different brushes within this collection and they come in beautiful gold, silver and rose gold packaging. The bristles of each brush are so soft because they have been made with ultra high grade synthetic bristles and, let me tell you, this brush is so-oft! These brushes are also weighted in order for them to sit better in your hand and, in turn, make it much easier for you to do your makeup - which sounds promising.

The only off-putting thing about these brushes is there pretty hefty price tag (if you bought the whole collection it would cost you around £130!!). I only let myself purchase one of the brushes out of this gorgeous collection and the brush that caught my eye the most was the 301 Flat Contour in rose gold.

I don't own a 'proper' contour brush and this is why I convinced myself that it was a good idea to purchase this particular one from Real Techniques. At first, I did not like this brush at all as the bristles are quite dense and heavy so I found that when applying my bronzer with this brush it was quite hard to blend out and left me with a pretty straight contour line (definitely not the look I was at all going for..). After a bit of control and practice with this brush, I managed to get used to how compact the bristles are and I now really like the way my bronzer applies.

I would definitely suggest using a less pigmented bronzer if you are going to be applying it with this particular brush as I feel you would be able to gain the correct intensity you desire as you could slowly build your contour up, rather than using a more pigmented bronzer and possibly ending up looking like you have just taken a dodgy bath in brown mud!

I think that the Flat Contour 301 brush is definitely worth the money I paid for it as you immediately notice the high quality of this brush with the very first stroke and it sits perfectly within the hollows of the cheeks for a flawless and defined look.

What are your thoughts on the Bold Metals Collection? Do you own any brushes from this particular line?xoxo

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Birthday Wishlist ♡

In May it will be my 20th birthday (oh my goodness I will feel so old being out of the good ol' teenage years) and, needless to say, I do have some pretty ambitious presents on this Birthday Wishlist. I have also included some other bits and bobs that I will actually ask for that aren's as ambitious as some of the others haha.

1. Triangl 'Poppy - Marshmallow Yellow' Bikini $89.00 (approximately £47.00)
4. Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set €65.00 (approximately £47.00)
5.Michael Kors Runway Gold Tone Watch $250.00 (approximately £170.00)

I am completely obsessed with all of these products and it would be an absolute dream to be gifted with them all. I will only be asking for a select few of these products from various family members, my boyfriend and my friends but I do hope that this personal Birthday Wishlist has given you some inspiration for what you may like for yourself also.

What are you hoping for this year for your birthday?xoxo

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Benefit Gimme Brow Review ♡

I had been putting off buying this product for such a long time and I decided to just take the plunge and purchase it last month. I am so happy that I did!! I am so in love with this product and I'm really annoyed with myself that I did not buy this sooner!

My eyebrows are not the best shape to fill in as the head of my brow tends to stick up a little bit (some people love this, others hate it and I am a hater of it). Since purchasing this product, I have found that it subtly glues these feathered/stick up hairs down following the angle of the rest of the tamed eyebrow hairs. I could not be more happy about this as I now feel confident with my brows!

I am using the shade light/medium because I don't wish to add too much colour to my eyebrows and end up having big ol' scouse brows (such a beauty error, eek!).

There are only two shades of this product: light/medium or medium/dark.
The little applicator that comes with the tube is perfect for catching all of those little eyebrow hairs and it's just so cute and mini!! (and I love mini stuff).

There really isn't much more to say about this product other than that it is one of the most perfect products I have ever purchased (and I have purchased a lot, trust me) and once I have used up, I will definitely be re-purchasing!

Do you own the Benefit Gimme Brow?xoxo

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Too Faced La Creme Colour Drenched Lip Cream Lipstick ♡

(I know that both of these lipstick's look exactly the same colour, but I can promise you that they're not). I am so happy that I decided to purchase these luxurious Creme Lipstick's from Too Faced. They are so moisturising and don't leave my lips feeling all dry and cracked (like the majority of lipstick's do). So far I have only purchased two of Too Faced's lipsticks and I most definitely intend to buy more, especially a nude shade. The two shades I own are 'Cinnamon Kiss' and 'Loganberry'.

I actually purchased both of these lipsticks on eBay as they were a lot cheaper (here - £11.95 with free P&P).

Cinnamon Kiss - £18.00

I literally cannot get over how gorgeous this shade is! As I have said before, these lipsticks are super moisturising on the lips and leave them looking dewy and soft which is always great. They're not sticky at all and they definitely are not drying which is why I love them so much.
How cute is the shade name of this particular lipstick too?! I'm too obsessed. Too Faced have got their packaging down to an absolute T! I'm a little bit of a sucker when it comes to cute gold packaging!

Loganberry - £18.00

I am also in love with this shade. It is just the perfect shade of dark purple that isn't too dark that it makes you look like you have the skin colour of a white sheet of paper (admit it, we all hate looking so pale that people think we're ill..). It is also not too light either, having a lipstick that looks extremely pigmented and then applies sheer is possibly one of the most annoying things when purchasing a lipstick and these definitely do not disappoint in that area.

It is fair to say that Too Faced La Creme Lipstick's are to die for and I encourage you guys to splurge a little and purchase one for yourself. Go on, treat yourself!

Do any of you own any Too Faced products?xoxo

Monday, 6 April 2015

Mini Shopping Haul | Topshop, H&M & Boots ♡

Yes, I have been shopping again (I know, what a surprise eh!?) and, much to everyone's surprise, I have purchased more beauty and fashion items. (As if I need any more right? Pfft, I am a girl..).

To begin with, my first stop was Topshop. I purchased this plain white vest top with this super cute scallop frill on the bottom. I love the top and I have wanted it for quite a while now, so obviously I bought it as I just couldn't resist! This will also go really well with my black high waisted Joni jeans and black boots as the scalloped frill will add some dimension to an otherwise plain look.

I then bought this short sleeve striped tee which I also thought would go lovely with my black Joni jeans and I could pair these with some high top converse for a more wearable and casual summer look.

Next stop, good ol' H&M. I love this store so much because you can pick up some beautiful pieces for such a great price. For example, this gorgeous ¾ length sleeve navy blue blouse with a peplum edge. As soon as I saw this blouse I was immediately attracted to it. It has a cute white design all over and really spruces up a dull looking outfit.

The last store I went into was of course Boots. Helloooo make up!! I finally bought the Real Techniques Gold Metal Contour Brush and I am over the moon! I have wanted this brush for such a long time now and I finally purchased it today. It's definitely safe to say that I cannot wait to use this baby and I'm sure there will be a blog post on very soon.

I also bought the Soap & Glory 'Lid Stuff' eyeshadow quad in the brown shade. Another make up item I have been wanting for a long time now and every time I have gone to buy this it has been annoyingly out of stock. I thought that this eyeshadow quad would be quite handy to use when going away for either the night or weekend as it is quite little and won't take up as much room as my Naked 2 palette does.

So, that is everything for this little mini shopping haul and I hope you enjoyed reading this and much as I enjoyed sharing it!

What have you bought this month?xoxo

Friday, 3 April 2015

March Favourites ♡

As usual my favourite's post is late.. I can never get the timing right and I am really OCD about when I post haha!

Anyway, moving on to what I have been loving this month. So, as you can see, I have a little mixture of fashion and beauty favourites (mainly beauty). I haven't been totally in love with a lot of things this month but what I have been loving I have been obsessed with!

First of all, can we just appreciate how gorgeous this top is from H&M!? I have been wearing this so frequently the past few days since purchasing it as I am totally obsessed with this floaty peplum style, I just think it's so cute and flattering.

Now moving on to my beauty favourites - the best part! Two new products that I have recently discovered and two re-discovered-from-the-back-of-my-drawer-collection (come on, we all have some of these!).

Clinique All About Eyes 15ml - £21.95

I recently bought this product from Cohorted (an amazing website offering our favourite high end and drugstore beauty items at a discounted price) and I have used this most nights and it makes my eyes feel so soft and I always wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. Even though this product is only 15ml (which you immediately think is tiny) you don't need a lot so I feel like this product is going to last me a very long time which is great!

Benefit Gimme Brow - £18.50

I have completely and utterly fallen head over heels in love with Benefit's Gimme Brow (dramatic huh? But try it and I promise you'll feel the same way I do!). I have always struggled with shaping the head of my eyebrows as the little hairs poke up slightly, which I find so annoying, but this little beauty manages to hold them down in place giving my eyebrows the perfect shape I have always wanted.

As you can see, I have a mini sample size of this product and I think I have found the full size at Boots but I'm so sorry if it's not the same product! I got given this as a freebie a while back now.
So, this product is one of my re-discovered-from-the-back-of-my-drawer collection. I never really knew what this product was for and I think it's used to mix with your foundation to give your face a nice and natural glow. However, I have used this product as a natural cheekbone highlight which I blend in using my finger and I love the way it looks if I'm having one of those days where I don't want my highlight to stand out as if I am wearing highlight if you understand what I mean haha.

Rimmel Apocalips Matte Lip Lacquer - £6.49

I have been loving this beautiful matte lipgloss from Rimmel this past month as a really lovely nude pink as my go to everyday Spring look. I bought this a while back now and felt like a change from my usual brown nude lip combination so re-discovered this little gem. For how inexpensive this product is, it's such good quality and lasts quite a long time on the lips. I always touch up my lip colour whilst I'm out and about so I don't mind lip glosses wearing away a little but if this is something you care about a lot then I would suggest only wearing this when you want it to stay in place for a few hours rather than the whole day.

I hope you enjoyed this little insight to what I have been obsessed with throughout the month of March.

What have you been loving throughout March?xoxo

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