Thursday, 31 December 2015

After Christmas Sales Picks ♡

I expect that there will be plenty of these lists going around but here I am chucking in another one for good measure! ASOSTopshop and Missguided always have the best sales and here are a few picks of mine that I would love to get my hands on. Be sure to be quick if you see anything you like because you know how annoying it is when something you really lust after sells out in your size!

2. ASOS Swing Dress in Heavy Texture - £30.00 £15.00
6. ASOS PETITE Jumper With V Neck - £22.00 £15.00
7. ASOS A-Line Linen Mini Skirt - £20.00 £10.00
9. Metallic Deep Plunge Halter Top - £22.00 £10.00
10. Metallic Leopard Print A-Line Skirt - £36.00 £20.00
11. PETITE Chevron Print Shirt - £40.00 £20.00
12. PETITE Sleeveless Tailored Jacket - £45.00 £25.00
13. '70s Sequin Cami Top - £34.00 £20.00
14. Spotty Jacquard Skort - £39.00 £20.00
15. Bandeau Tapered Jumpsuit - £55.00 £30.00
16. High-Waisted Floral Cord Shorts - £36.00 £18.00
17. Slinky Halterneck Top - £18.00 £10.00
18. Lace-Up Sweatshirt - £34.00 £15.00
19. Faux Suede Lace Up Crop Top Burgundy - £20.00 £12.00
20. Floral Lace Bralet - £20.00 £14.00
21. Metallic Bodycon Mini Skirt Bronze - £25.00 £17.00
22. High Neck Swing Dress White Floral - £25.00 £18.00
23. Double Breasted Sleeveless Wool Maxi Coat Camel - £55.00 £40.00
24. Zenobia Zip Back Dip Hem Jumper - £25.00 £12.00
25. Lattice Front Blouse Burgundy - £22.00 £15.00
26. Faux Leather Snake Skin Mini Skirt Black - £20.00 £14.00

I hope this inspired you to do some shopping and I apologise now if I have helped to dent some of your bank balances - oops!  

Where have you looked for the best sales?xoxo

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Monday, 28 December 2015

Cohorted Beauty Box | December Edition ♡

Oh yes, this is now my third Cohorted beauty box. Anyone would think that I really love them right? I just can't praise this particular beauty box enough. I really have received some luxurious gifts! I have now cancelled my monthly subscription (because of having no money and all that..) but I'm sure I will subscribe again in the new year because I do love them that much.

December's edition was a very high end box and I am still excited about what I received in it. If you haven't already checked out Cohorted then I highly advise that you do, it's such an amazing website!

The first treat that I got (or should I say grabbed!?) out of the box was this beautiful bronze/blush duo from Too Faced. I have definitely had my eye on this product for some time now but it just ended up being one of those makeup items that I wanted and never actually purchased, so it is very safe to say that I am super happy with this one! I tried this out for the first time last week and it's such a gorgeous shade! I would recommend using this bronze/blush duo as a blush colour as the bronze shade is a little too orange for me. It also has a little shimmer in it which is gorgeous.

The next item is a lipstick from MAC. The shade is Rebel and, if I am correct, I believe that this particular shade is quite popular. I know I have seen it floating about and I have always wanted to try it as it's this gorgeous true purple colour that is just perfect for the Autumn months - I know we're past Autumn now, but I will still wear it nonetheless.

I have always wanted to try lots of products from Nars but, again, have never got around to it. I'm one of those people that likes to try new things but never does.. My first purchase from Nars was the Sheer Glow foundation which I absolutely love, so I was intrigued to see a little lip balm type product within my box. Nars products are highly rated so I'm sure that I won't be disappointed by this one.

Lastly, I received this Bare Escentuals double ended brush - one end is a flat eye shadow brush and the other end is a blush brush. I have never tried a double ended brush before, mainly because I'm not a huge fan of placing one end at the bottom of my makeup pot in fear of it being ruined. However, I'm not too fussed as I can't imagine that I'll use the shadow end of the brush much as it's a little too big for my eyelid. I have used the blush end as a contour brush rather than a blush brush as the shape of it is perfect for fitting perfectly into the hollows of my cheeks. This brush is super soft as well which is always a bonus.

An added cute bonus was this little mini sample of 'Honey' by Marc Jacobs - the fragrance of course. I have tested this perfume before as I own both 'Dot' and 'Daisy Dream' by Marc Jacobs and I'm absolutely obsessed with them. 'Honey' is a very sweet but musky scent and would be perfect for the Autumn months. Also, the bottle is just as cute as the other two and is a gorgeous yellow shade, obviously.

I was completely over the moon when I received December's beauty box in the post and I'm very happy with what I uncovered inside the box. I'm sure you will see plenty of posts with in depth reviews of some of the products from all of the beauty boxes I have featured in the past couple of months. I would love to know if there are any products in particular that you would like to hear more about and see swatches from, so be sure to let me know if you do!

Have you ever tried anything from Cohorted?xoxo

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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Cute and Fun Date Day & Night Ideas: Winter ♡

I thought I would share some cute and fun ideas for 'date nights' around the Winter months - including Christmas of course! Sometimes it can be hard to think of little things to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend, especially if you have been together for some time. Obviously, these ideas can be altered to your own taste because we all enjoy different things and in different ways.

1. Visiting your favourite restaurant for a cute meal, either in the evening for dinner or the day for brunch/lunch.
2. Going to the cinema and watching a film you both really want to see.
3. A shopping trip to your local shopping centre.
4. Finding a quaint little coffee shop/café to sit and have a hot chocolate or tea/coffee (whichever you prefer) and also have a good gossip.
5. Playing a mildly (or in mine and my boyfriend's case, VERY) competitive game of mini golf. This is always so much fun and isn't expensive.
6. Strolling past the stalls at your local Christmas market (or also visiting one in another part of your country) and stopping to have another hot chocolate or, in your boyfriend's case, a massive beer!!
7. During December, many Christmas markets/shopping centre's also set up a temporary ice skating rink so rushing around on the ice with your partner is always fun and very entertaining (especially if one of you falls over - oops!!)
8. A good old fashioned move night. Snuggling down on the sofa together with your favourite film and some sweet snacks is always a great way to spend an evening and is also very easy, fuss free and inexpensive!
9. Meeting up with your friends who are also in relationships is a great way to do something different.
10. Visiting your local zoo is a change from the norm. Some people may not like to do this and that's completely fair enough, but it's nice to wander around seeing all the animals and just enjoying the day.
11. Taking a stroll through your local park enjoying the crisp and fresh air (be sure to wrap up warm though!)
12. Go to a little bar in town - an excuse to dress up and feel pretty!
13. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum (if you're into those kind of things).
14. Cook together. This may sound a little odd but even if you just make something different for lunch together it can be fun and you may even find yourself bonding - cute!
15. Splurge on a theme park adventure! There's nothing better than having a good laugh at one another screaming on a roller coaster ride.

Hopefully this list gave you a little bit of inspiration for a date day or night with your loved one. There are plenty of interesting things to do and this whole list won't be to everyone's taste, but hopefully I've covered enough!

Do you have any date day and night ideas?xoxo

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Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Wishlist 2015 ♡

Another wishlist! I love creating these and putting them together - it's so much fun. Mainly because I love shopping in any way shape or form and I'm also a little bit obsessed with creating collage type 'moodboards', if you like. Especially when it involves makeup, clothes, accessories, etc!

5. Pitch Perfect 2 DVD - £10

It would be amazing to receive all of these gifts, however I will be grateful for anything that I pull out from underneath my Christmas tree this year. I hope this wishlist has given you some inspiration for what you would like to ask for this Christmas if you're stuck for ideas.

What's on your wishlist this Christmas?xoxo

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Monday, 21 December 2015

What I'm Currently Loving ♡

I thought that I would put together all my favourites from September, October and November and, as you can see, I have been loving quite a few various things - ranging from makeup, to clothes, to fragrance! I haven't done a 'favourites' type post in a while so I thought that it was about time I did! So I grabbed a bunch of stuff that I have been using/wearing a lot these past two months and decided that I should share them with you guys.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company | Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers
Firstly, I need to mention these rose gold eyelash curlers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. They are super pretty and have honestly changed my mascara life! I don't have really long lashes, but on the other hand I also don't have short lashes, so when I apply my mascara after curling them, I find that they hold they're lift/curl for a long time and also look longer and have more volume. I can definitely notice a difference in the way my eyes and mascara look when I do take that little extra time to curl them.

Topshop | Plain White V-Neck Tee & 'Happy Daze' Slogan Tee
Next are these two tee's from Topshop - one is a plain white v neck and the other is a light washed grey with the slogan 'happy daze'. I have been living and dying in both of these t shirt's as they are super comfy to wear and they also look really nice on as well. I tend to pair both of these tops with jeans and converse, which is my preferred way to wear both of these tee's - casual. I physically push myself into being in a good mood when I wear this t-shirt because of the slogan 'happy daze' (how can you not be happy when you're wearing an awesome tee..).

Zoella | Blissful Mistful Spray
A perfume that I have 're-discovered' this past month is the Zoella Blissful Mistful. I bought this perfume a while back now and was totally obsessed with the fragrance, the application however is another story.. I didn't like how the spritzer part of the perfume applied, it just came out too fast and all at once and this was especially not fun if you accidentally sprayed your face.. Despite this, I thought that I would give this perfume/mist another go and, low and behold, it's managed to creep it's way into being a current love of mine! I can not praise the smell of this mist enough - it's just perfect and is 100% my kind of fragrance.

Zoella Soap Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream
The 'Soap Opera' bath and shower cream has the same scent as the 'Blissful Mistful' and I have been loving using the shower cream every morning in the shower and then enhancing the fragrance by spritzing myself with the 'Blissful Mistful'. I absolutely love this first scent that Zoella created - it is definitely my kind of fragrance.

Sigma | E40 Blending Brush
There has also been a few makeup brushes that I have been crushing on this past month or so, the first being the Sigma E40 Blending Brush. Oh my goodness I am totally obsessed with this brush now and I do not know why it took me such a long time to purchase it!? It's absolutely perfect for blending out those harsh edges and it's super soft which is always a bonus. 

Zoeva | Powder Brush
I have also been loving the Zoeva Powder Brush to, obviously, apply my powder with. Again, it is super soft so I have just been reaching for this brush more than I have been reaching for my Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Sigma | Mini Inner Corner Shading Brush
Another brush that is a favourite of mine at the moment is the little mini size Sigma Inner Corner Brush. I'm not sure that this is the name of it as I don't believe it has one, but I have been using it for my inner corner highlight as it is just the perfect size. 

Maybelline | Moisture Renew Lipstick - Dark Night Waterl-oops!
My go-to lipstick for these Autumn months has definitely been the Maybelline Moisture Renew Lipstick - Dark Night Waterl-oops! You may have seen me wearing it a lot, especially in all of my Autumn Outfit's I posted (hereherehere and here), it's a gorgeous deep purple/berry shade and you can build it up to either a really dark and vampy shade or you can apply the lipstick to the middle of your lips and spread out using your finger to achieve a more light to medium shade of purple and as it's a moisture renew lipstick, it's extremely moisturising and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry. A massive winner for me!

Becca Cosmetics | x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop & TheBalm | Mary Lou-Manizer
Highlighters, highlighters, highlighters.. I don't think I will ever be able to own 'too many' highlighters. My two current loves are Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop and TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer. Both of these highlighters are highly suitable for those with a pale complexion and you can bet your last pound that your highlight will slay the universe (no, really, you will look gorgeous and as if you are glowing from within). I can definitely say that applying highlighter is one of my most favourite things to do when making up my face. 

What have you been loving recently?xoxo

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