Thursday, 29 September 2016

TRAVEL | A Day Out in Arenal d'en Castell, Menorca, Spain

On one of the day's on holiday, we decided to head to our neighbouring town - Arenal d'en Castell. 

'Arenal d'en Castell is a small town in Es Mercadal, Minorca. It is also a start/arrival point for two stages of the GR 223 - Camí de Cavalls. The town has a long sandy beach and is built around the sides of the bay overlooking the sea.'

Luckily, it was a fairly cloudy morning when we made the decision to go, as otherwise it would have been way too hot to walk in!

We've visited this town quite a few times over the year's and we still love it. We decided to have a little wander around the shops before stopping for a light brunch and then headed down to the beach for a little swim before heading back along the cliffs (i.e. the walk back home).

^An example of the dirt tracks you walk down after walking over the cliffs!

^I thought this view looked quite cool through the apartments!

^Another example of the cliffs we walked back on to get home, the views are insane!

^Ignore my decision to wear red and pink.. Such a fashion crisis!!

I love the stunning and breath-taking views on the cliff walk and it's something that never gets old, no matter how many times I've seen it over the years!

The water is such a beautiful colour that makes you want to jump in! I would love to sit here, listening to the sound of the wind, looking at those amazing views and either read a book, listen to music or sit and write a blog post - I can dream eh?!

Keep a look out for the posts to follow on :) xoxo

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Monday, 26 September 2016

FASHION | Orange Stripes & White Skort

I love this outfit s o o o much, it's definitely one of those effortless outfit's that looks like you've really thought about it when in actual fact you've just chucked on a cute skort and nice, bright crop top!

Both the skort and the crop top are old season Topshop, but I just had to include this outfit even if I can't find remotely similar items to link below because I just love it! So, sorry about that!

Also, can I just point out that view in those last four photo's!? They were taken at the top of El Toro and the views from up there are just insane.

I hope you enjoyed this post xoxo

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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

TRAVEL | First Week in Menorca, Spain

This post is actually quite late in the grand scheme of things, seeing as how I left for my holiday roughly about a month ago! So I decided it was time to share my two week holiday with you and let you know what I got up to whilst I was there.

Our villa that we stay in is amazing and we all love it so much. It was possibly our tenth or eleventh time visiting so it really does feel like a second home to us.

My favourite part is definitely the swimming pool with the slide - so much fun!

For the first couple of days we just chilled out and soaked in the beautiful sunshine, happy to be away from the realities of everyday life back home!

On one of the night's, we headed to the 'Steak House' (as we like to call it, it's actually called Marga's) for... You guessed it, steak! I actually had the Mahon Cheese Croquettes because I live for them and have them every year ago - they're amazing. 

After filling ourselves full of steak (and cheese!) we headed over to the town nearby, Fornells. Fornell's is a really beautiful harbour town and it's lovely to walk around and take photo's of.

The following evening we decided to go to a beach bar overlooking the beach in Son Parc to watch the sunset which was amazing. I love sunsets and they look really pretty in photo's.

We also had a nice little beach day on one of the day's during the first week which was lush! I love the fact that there's a beach practically on your doorstep when you go away on holiday, it's definitely something I envy when I come back home!

Our first week in Menorca was super relaxed and we didn't get up to a lot, which was lovely as sometimes it's nice to just chill out, relax and not do much.

Writing this post is giving me the serious holiday blues! I've decided to split this post into three or four (I know, bit much?!) because otherwise the post's will just be too long and you might get bored! I tried not to write too much because sometimes it's nice to just look at the photo's, rather than read massive paragraph's about what I got up to!

Keep a look out for the posts to follow on :) xoxo

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