Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Recent Beauty Purchases | Anastasia Beverly Hills & Sigma ♡

Oh yes, of course I went shopping.. AGAIN! I just really can't help myself, especially when it comes to makeup. 
This time it was a small little online shopping trip to Cult Beauty, Sigma and Beauty Bay totaling to the small amount of around £40 (which is a huge shocker for my bank balance as it used to much larger amounts - oops, don't judge me!).

Anastasia Beverly Hills Pro Series Contour Refills (Banana)
Yes! This product is finally mine! I am so excited to own this as I see plenty of Beauty Guru's on YouTube use this particular shade (normally as part of the contour kit buuut I accidentally ordered the wrong shade and couldn't be bothered with the fuss of exchanging and realised it would be a waste of money as I only wanted this banana colour) as an under eye setting/highlighting powder. I am yet to try this product out so I really hope that it does not disappoint.

Beauty Bay - Z Palette (Small - Black)
I have also seen these little posh gadgets floating around here and there and because I purchased the re-fill pan version of the Anastasia Banana powder, it was only necessary that I grabbed myself one of these to place it in. I now also have an excuse to fill it with even more makeup!!

I purchased the smallest size 'Z Palette' as they can get quite expensive and I figured that a larger one would be a waste of money as I currently only have the one powder to place in it (see, I can be sensible sometimes..).

Sigma Beauty

It is definitely no secret that I utterly adore Sigma brushes, so naturally I took my two-monthly browse (I have limited myself to this otherwise all hell would break loose with me having a zero bank balance) and treated myself to three of their individual eye brushes.

The three brushes I purchased are the E15 Flat Definer, E55 Eye Shading and E40 Tapered Blending. Of course I also made the decision to buy them all in rose gold copper! How could I not!?
I purchased the E15 Flat Definer brush because I don't own anything like it and it is so perfect for placing eye shadow along the lower lash line. I also don't own an eye shading brush so the E55 Eye shading was most certainly a must-have for my collection. I own around three or four blending brushes but none of them are as big and fluffy as the E40 Tapered Blending, so obviously I had to get this one as well.

It is very safe to say that my eye brush collection is growing. There is just something about makeup brushes that scream 'buy me' every time I go shopping... Oops!
As we all know, blending is key so it is pretty much a necessity to have multiple eye brushes. Plus buying anything new is always exciting and receiving parcels in the post makes it feel like it's your birthday or something (that's my excuse anyway!).

What beauty related items have you purchased recently?xoxo

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Friday, 3 July 2015

Mini M.A.C Haul | Lips ♡

So, you guessed it, I went shopping again.. What a surprise eh!?

I decided to take a nice little stroll into M.A.C as I had seen a girl on Instagram wearing the 'Soar' lip liner and I immediately knew that I just had to get this shade. Naturally, I stumbled upon a couple other bits and bobs along the way. I was also planning on purchasing either 'Stripdown', 'Spice' or 'Whirl', as I know these particular lip liners are very popular, but in the end I decided to opt for a very soft, baby pink shade called 'Hip 'N' Happy'.

I also decided to have a little browse at the lipstick's and managed to limit myself to buying one shade, 'Pink Plaid'. As you can tell I was having a very pink day that particular day but I actually do not have any nude pink lipstick's in my collection (I know right, what an outrage!) so I thought I had better add a little bit of pink into my makeup family!

'Hip 'N' Happy' is a really subtle baby pink shade and at first I really did not anticipate this shade suiting my complexion at all as I am very pale and I also have a yellow undertone to my skin, however, to my surprise, this shade compliments my skin colour very nicely which I am super pleased about! 
'Soar' is a beautiful darker toned pink and it really does make your lips pop, giving them that nice natural toned pink colour that we all love.
'Pink Plaid' is a shade slightly in between both of the colour's of these lip liners, maybe more towards 'Hip 'N' Happy if anything, and I am totally obsessed with it. You can bet that any time you now see a photo of me on Instagram, I will be 100% wearing this lipstick! It is beautiful! A lot of people say that 'Pink Plaid' is very similar to 'Please Me' and nine times out of ten people toying between these two shades always tend to prefer 'Please Me'. I haven't tried or even seen 'Please Me' so I couldn't say which one I prefer but, nevertheless, 'Pink Plaid' is the one I now own and I love it!

The best thing about my purchases from M.A.C is that both of the lip liners compliment the lipstick really well which is always a bonus (you can then explain to everyone moaning at you for buying 'another lipstick!?' that these weren't a waste of money as they all go together - does the trick for me anyway!) as you then don't have to worry about which lip liner to go for when applying your lipstick.

Hopefully this post didn't make you want to go and spend all of your money, oops!

Which M.A.C lip products do you own? Which do you recommend?xoxo

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