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PREVIEW | Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette

I finally took the plunge and ordered myself the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette. Do I regret it? Yes...

Only because I'm a complete idiot and ordered it directly from the US site (I panicked because last time they all sold out and I really wanted it..), only to find out that sites in the UK were stocking it and I could have saved myself £10-15! It's definitely safe to say that I'm a little bit annoyed - but hey, at least I now have this gorgeous palette in my collection!

Firstly, this palette smells absolutely i n c r e d i b l e. I love the smell of peaches, so this was obviously going to be a winner in my books. It's very strong and pretty sickly, so steer clear if you're not into sickly/sweet scents. 

I love the fact that Too Faced make their products smell amazing, it's definitely a great marketing tactic that's for sure! Chocolate? Yes please! Peaches? Definitely! I wonder what they'll come up with next.. But, for now, let's have a peak at the palette..

At first glance, the shades are right up my street and I can see myself using every single shade - which is unheard of from me! I love the warm yet frosty vibe this palette gives off and how there are a mixture of mattes and shimmers. You can never go wrong with a palette that has it all!

Left to Right: White Peach, Luscious, Just Peachy, Bless Her Heart, Tempting & Charmed I'm Sure

White Peach:
A true white. Not that pigmented, but then lighter shades never normally are so I didn't expect anything less. This shade would be great for highlighting the brow bone.

A peachy/gold shimmer. Stunning shade that would look great all over the lid, paired with a warm crease colour - such as Puree.

Just Peachy:
A pink/peach shimmer. Beautiful for the girl who loves her pinks! Again, this shade would look great as an all over lid shade paired with a warm crease colour. You could also use this shade to smudge on the lower lash line, if you're not one for a bright lid colour but want a little bit of colour added to your normal eyeshadow look.

Bless Her Heart:
A khaki green shimmer. Definitely a shade that's right up my street - I love my green eyeshadows! This shade would look really great all over the lid with a super smokey eye, for a night out. Again, you could also smudge this shade on the lower lash line for a pop of colour.

A dark black shade with a subtle shimmer. Most palette nowadays include that signature black shade, in order to create a smokey eye. This particular black eyeshadow isn't massively pigmented, so this would be great to use for anyone who is a beginner at smokey eyes or for someone who is scared of looking like they have a black eye (I know I am)!

Charmed I'm Sure:
A slightly cool toned matte brown. Every palette needs a cool toned brown and I feel that this one is perfect. This will definitely be my go to crease shade, for sure.

Left to Right: Nectar, Cobbler, Candied Peach, Bellini, Peach Pit, Delectable

A peachy/gold shimmer. Perfect as a highlighting shade for the inner corner of the eyes, or as an all over lid shade for a natural day time look.

A light brown shimmer. This would be my go-to shade for a more 'full face' option, using a subtle smokey brown eyeshadow look.

Candied Peach:
A bright peach matte. Not one for the faint hearted! I think this will be the only shade in the palette that I won't use all that often, probably only in the Spring/Summer months to slightly brighten up my crease by using it over the top of the usual brown shades.

A pink/gold shimmer. This shade speaks to me on so many levels. I love shades like this - not that I ever wear them all that often might I add - but I still love it! This eyeshadow is definitely meant for all over the lid.

Peach Pit:
A deep purple shimmer. Purple eyeshadows always go down well with me because I have green eyes, so they accentuate my green eyes and make them look a lot brighter! This shade would look great paired with Delectable for a purple smokey eye - definitely night time appropriate.

A purple matte with slight shimmer. As mentioned above, this would look great as a purple smokey eye paired with Peach Pit. I love this shade of purple, it's super pretty and not intensely pigmented, which means that you can use it to slightly add a little bit of purple colour to a normal brown/black smokey eye.

Left to Right: Peaches N Cream, Georgia, Caramelised, Puree, Summer Yum, Talk Derby To Me

Peaches N Cream:
A creamy/beige matte. Again, perfect for subtly highlighting the brow bone or for setting your concealer on your eyes for more of a 'blank canvas'. This shade is pretty close to my skin tone, so this should work perfectly for me.

A light pink matte. More pink! You could definitely go to town with a pink eyeshadow look using this palette. This shade is a nice subtle baby pink that would look lovely in the crease as a transition shade, for a girly daytime appropriate look paired with Bellini all over the lid.

A dark brown with gold shimmer. Now this is one of the main shades I'm excited about! You can bet that I'll be using this shade all over the lid for a smokey eye one evening - s t u n n i n g.

A warm toned matte brown. The perfect crease colour for a warm eye look.

Summer Yum:
A red toned matte brown. Another perfect crease colour for a warm eye look.

Talk Derby To Me:
A deep navy blue matte with a slight purple shimmer. I'm not going to lie, this shade is a little strange and I haven't seen many like it before! I quite like it though and I think that it would look so nice paired with a smokey eye for a glamorous evening event, or any evening event for that matter.

All in all, I'm really pleased with the versatility of this palette and I'm really glad that I bought it. Every shade is pigmented and creamy and they all seem to blend pretty well. I am a little bit annoyed that it wasn't well known (to me) that this palette would be arriving in UK stores, otherwise I would have waited a little longer and saved a little bit of money!

If you're thinking about purchasing this palette, I would definitely recommend you go and smell it and swatch the shades - I think you'll all be pretty impressed.

Have you bought the Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette?xoxo

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  1. Ah you've made me want this palette so much. The shades all look so pretty and wearable and I love the packaging too xx

    " Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie "


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