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BEAUTY | Favourite Products of 2016

I'm a little late with this post (what's new?), but I wanted to share my favourite beauty products of 2016..

I have seen lots of these posts floating around in my BlogLovin' feed, so obviously I thought that I would jump on the bandwagon and join in.
It's always great to see what everyone else has been loving, as it always gives you inspiration on what to spend your hard earned money on.

I only have a few different products to share, as I'm not one to rave about a product unless I am totally in love it - so you can be 100% sure that I absolutely love these items.

I am obsessed with this eyeshadow palette! All of the matte shades are perfect neutral browns, plus one black which is always necessary for creating that perfect smokey eye, and the shimmers are just complete stand outs. I won't go on too much about this palette, as I've already created a post all about it with swatches included. I will say though that you have to get this whilst it's still in stock on Cult Beauty! I thought that it was only a limited edition palette, but it looks like it's come back in to stock!

I can't believe that I've had this eyeshadow palette for a whole year now!? I definitely need to use it way more than I already do! Again, I won't say too much about this one as I have a dedicated post to it, but I just love it. All of the shades are great and it's really easy to create both a day and night look with this palette, it's so versatile. Each shade is super creamy and easy to blend and there are a nice range of matte's and shimmer's.

This foundation is an absolute god send. I did not think anything was going to overtake my love for Nars Sheer Glow (close second..), but this foundation went above and beyond. It provides me with that tiny little bit of extra coverage that I'm after, whilst also feeling completely weightless on my skin. It also smells really lovely, which is unheard of for a foundation! The shade matches me perfectly, so if you're also a fair gal like me but with a yellow undertone then this shade would work for you.

Such a great product for when you've been away from holiday and need to darken your foundation to match your face/body! I used these religiously with my foundation once I got back from my summer holiday and they were just perfect. They make your foundation match perfectly to your tan without it being obvious that you're wearing a darker shade. These drops will last you ages as well and for only £10, I think that's such a steal. Lightening drops are also available, which would be great if you accidentally bought a foundation that's too dark for you!

Obviously I had to include my most favourite product of 2016, Champagne Pop! I love Jaclyn Hill so anything she creates I am all over and this highlighter did not disappoint one bit. I love the peach undertone to it, it's really pretty and natural looking (who am I kidding? This highlighter is not natural!) and this highlighter also doesn't have chunks of glitter in which is a must. It gives a lovely bright and popping highlight to the cheekbones, which can definitely be seen a mile off!

I admit that this one is slightly more of a 2017 fave, but I did start using it on Boxing Day and I haven't put it away in my drawers since which just goes to show how much I have been using it! I had been using my Benefit Hoola Bronzer for ages and it just wasn't doing it for me anymore, so it needed to be replaced and what better product than one that smells like chocolate?!

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Original - £16.00
This stuff is literally glue for your eyeshadow. I've worn quite a heavy smokey eye for nearly 10 hours before and it didn't budge or crease one bit! This will definitely be your best friend when it comes to keeping your eyeshadow in place all day (and night) long. I also think that £16 is a pretty reasonable price when you consider how good this product actually is, it also lasts a fair while as well - even though the tube is quite small.

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara, Black - £19.50
I don't think there will ever come a day when I don't wear this mascara, it is my holy grail and one of the only mascara's that actually makes my eyes/eyelashes look great! I won't waffle on about this one much either because there's also a seperate post on this little gem and I don't want to bore you guys to death (congratulations if you're still reading up to this point!).

NYX Tame & Frame Brow Pomade, Brunette - £5.50
A newbie find for me and this was courtesy of Gemma as she loves it and her eyebrows are always on point! I was toying with the idea of purchasing the ABH Dip Brow Pomade, but decided that I wanted a cheaper alternative as I don't wear makeup enough to justify spending that much money on a brow product I've never tried before! So I opted for the NYX version instead and boy am I glad that I did! It's so simple and easy to use and the colour perfectly matches my eyebrows. This product will also last me quite a long time and it was only £5.50! You all need to get your hands on this as soon as you can!

That concludes my favourite beauty products of 2016, I wonder what new products I'll fall in love with this year! 
I still can't believe that another year has flown by that quickly, it's crazy and I'm going to be twenty two in six months time!
I hope this year slows down a little bit so that I can actually enjoy it and plan lots of exciting things to do.


What were your favourite beauty products of 2016?xoxo

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