Monday, 24 October 2016

HONESTY | 5 Things I Struggle With Whilst Writing Blog Posts

1. Mind fog - or otherwise known as 'brain block'. I get this a l o t and it's always when I have a lot to say. I can never get the words out and I never feel like the word's flow even when they do eventually come. I'm always concentrating really hard on what I write to make sure it sounds formal enough but not so formal that I seem like a robot - know what I mean? I'm even struggling trying to explain myself here.. I'll get there one day, I hope! Just bear with and any feedback would be much appreciated.

2. Trying to show my personality in a post can be quite difficult as I don't really know who I am if that makes sense? I'm kind of that in between stage of coming across boring and shut up-now-you're-being-cringey. I'm still trying to find my feet and see what works best for me and at the moment I'm not really sure what that is.. 

3. Trying not to repeat myself - I do tend to repeat myself a lot and use the same words over and over and as I'm not an experienced writer (at all), I have no idea what other words to use instead to save repeating myself. 

4. Being engaging - I always read other people's blog posts and think 'wow, I am seriously so interested right now and I wish I could write like that'. It's kind of hard to explain but I'm hoping you all know what I mean. I just don't feel like I'm relatable (and this ties in with my 'showing my personality' point) when I read my posts back to myself. Even though I am relatable in real life. Just your average gal pal.

5. Having no help - I'm sure a lot of people are in this same boat that I am where we have no help from anyone around us. I'm always struggling with the layout of my blog and how to insert clickable images when sharing a wishlist or something similar. I just feel like such a newbie and like I'm never learning anything. I also feel a bit stuck in a rut as I have no one to ask for help but have no idea how to 'up my game', as it were.

I've just read through this post and realised that it probably sounds a bit 'woe is me' and a little depressing, but I'm just trying something new by sharing my honest opinion and seeing what kind of feedback I receive.

I love posting about beauty and fashion but sometimes an honest post makes for an easier write and gets us all engaging with one another, which I love.


What's something you struggle with whilst writing blog posts?xoxo
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