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Cute and Fun Date Day & Night Ideas: Winter ♡

I thought I would share some cute and fun ideas for 'date nights' around the Winter months - including Christmas of course! Sometimes it can be hard to think of little things to do with your boyfriend/girlfriend, especially if you have been together for some time. Obviously, these ideas can be altered to your own taste because we all enjoy different things and in different ways.

1. Visiting your favourite restaurant for a cute meal, either in the evening for dinner or the day for brunch/lunch.
2. Going to the cinema and watching a film you both really want to see.
3. A shopping trip to your local shopping centre.
4. Finding a quaint little coffee shop/café to sit and have a hot chocolate or tea/coffee (whichever you prefer) and also have a good gossip.
5. Playing a mildly (or in mine and my boyfriend's case, VERY) competitive game of mini golf. This is always so much fun and isn't expensive.
6. Strolling past the stalls at your local Christmas market (or also visiting one in another part of your country) and stopping to have another hot chocolate or, in your boyfriend's case, a massive beer!!
7. During December, many Christmas markets/shopping centre's also set up a temporary ice skating rink so rushing around on the ice with your partner is always fun and very entertaining (especially if one of you falls over - oops!!)
8. A good old fashioned move night. Snuggling down on the sofa together with your favourite film and some sweet snacks is always a great way to spend an evening and is also very easy, fuss free and inexpensive!
9. Meeting up with your friends who are also in relationships is a great way to do something different.
10. Visiting your local zoo is a change from the norm. Some people may not like to do this and that's completely fair enough, but it's nice to wander around seeing all the animals and just enjoying the day.
11. Taking a stroll through your local park enjoying the crisp and fresh air (be sure to wrap up warm though!)
12. Go to a little bar in town - an excuse to dress up and feel pretty!
13. Visit an Art Gallery or Museum (if you're into those kind of things).
14. Cook together. This may sound a little odd but even if you just make something different for lunch together it can be fun and you may even find yourself bonding - cute!
15. Splurge on a theme park adventure! There's nothing better than having a good laugh at one another screaming on a roller coaster ride.

Hopefully this list gave you a little bit of inspiration for a date day or night with your loved one. There are plenty of interesting things to do and this whole list won't be to everyone's taste, but hopefully I've covered enough!

Do you have any date day and night ideas?xoxo

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  1. This is such a cute blog post idea, I love it!


  2. Great list! I went ice skating with my boyfriend at the weekend and it was so much fun :) there's so many fun date ideas in winter I think x

    Georgina x

    1. Thank you! Aw that's so nice! I definitely agree :) xo

  3. Lovel post and list (: And the photo is lovely!
    Have a great day,


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