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What I'm Currently Loving ♡

I thought that I would put together all my favourites from September, October and November and, as you can see, I have been loving quite a few various things - ranging from makeup, to clothes, to fragrance! I haven't done a 'favourites' type post in a while so I thought that it was about time I did! So I grabbed a bunch of stuff that I have been using/wearing a lot these past two months and decided that I should share them with you guys.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company | Rose Gold Eyelash Curlers
Firstly, I need to mention these rose gold eyelash curlers from The Vintage Cosmetic Company. They are super pretty and have honestly changed my mascara life! I don't have really long lashes, but on the other hand I also don't have short lashes, so when I apply my mascara after curling them, I find that they hold they're lift/curl for a long time and also look longer and have more volume. I can definitely notice a difference in the way my eyes and mascara look when I do take that little extra time to curl them.

Topshop | Plain White V-Neck Tee & 'Happy Daze' Slogan Tee
Next are these two tee's from Topshop - one is a plain white v neck and the other is a light washed grey with the slogan 'happy daze'. I have been living and dying in both of these t shirt's as they are super comfy to wear and they also look really nice on as well. I tend to pair both of these tops with jeans and converse, which is my preferred way to wear both of these tee's - casual. I physically push myself into being in a good mood when I wear this t-shirt because of the slogan 'happy daze' (how can you not be happy when you're wearing an awesome tee..).

Zoella | Blissful Mistful Spray
A perfume that I have 're-discovered' this past month is the Zoella Blissful Mistful. I bought this perfume a while back now and was totally obsessed with the fragrance, the application however is another story.. I didn't like how the spritzer part of the perfume applied, it just came out too fast and all at once and this was especially not fun if you accidentally sprayed your face.. Despite this, I thought that I would give this perfume/mist another go and, low and behold, it's managed to creep it's way into being a current love of mine! I can not praise the smell of this mist enough - it's just perfect and is 100% my kind of fragrance.

Zoella Soap Opera Bath Soak and Shower Cream
The 'Soap Opera' bath and shower cream has the same scent as the 'Blissful Mistful' and I have been loving using the shower cream every morning in the shower and then enhancing the fragrance by spritzing myself with the 'Blissful Mistful'. I absolutely love this first scent that Zoella created - it is definitely my kind of fragrance.

Sigma | E40 Blending Brush
There has also been a few makeup brushes that I have been crushing on this past month or so, the first being the Sigma E40 Blending Brush. Oh my goodness I am totally obsessed with this brush now and I do not know why it took me such a long time to purchase it!? It's absolutely perfect for blending out those harsh edges and it's super soft which is always a bonus. 

Zoeva | Powder Brush
I have also been loving the Zoeva Powder Brush to, obviously, apply my powder with. Again, it is super soft so I have just been reaching for this brush more than I have been reaching for my Real Techniques Powder Brush.

Sigma | Mini Inner Corner Shading Brush
Another brush that is a favourite of mine at the moment is the little mini size Sigma Inner Corner Brush. I'm not sure that this is the name of it as I don't believe it has one, but I have been using it for my inner corner highlight as it is just the perfect size. 

Maybelline | Moisture Renew Lipstick - Dark Night Waterl-oops!
My go-to lipstick for these Autumn months has definitely been the Maybelline Moisture Renew Lipstick - Dark Night Waterl-oops! You may have seen me wearing it a lot, especially in all of my Autumn Outfit's I posted (hereherehere and here), it's a gorgeous deep purple/berry shade and you can build it up to either a really dark and vampy shade or you can apply the lipstick to the middle of your lips and spread out using your finger to achieve a more light to medium shade of purple and as it's a moisture renew lipstick, it's extremely moisturising and doesn't leave your lips feeling dry. A massive winner for me!

Becca Cosmetics | x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop & TheBalm | Mary Lou-Manizer
Highlighters, highlighters, highlighters.. I don't think I will ever be able to own 'too many' highlighters. My two current loves are Becca Cosmetics x Jaclyn Hill - Champagne Pop and TheBalm Mary Lou-Manizer. Both of these highlighters are highly suitable for those with a pale complexion and you can bet your last pound that your highlight will slay the universe (no, really, you will look gorgeous and as if you are glowing from within). I can definitely say that applying highlighter is one of my most favourite things to do when making up my face. 

What have you been loving recently?xoxo

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  1. That zoeva brush looks gorgeous! I'm planning on buying myself the rose gold set soon even though I already have 7328378278 makeup brushes lol. I've been loving rimmels stay matte primer with estee lauders doublewear foundation - it's my favourite combination so far!xx

    1. It's so luxurious! Ah amazing, you'll be so pleased with it! Haha don't we all have so many brushes, it's such an addiction though! They sound like a great match :) I've always fancied trying out the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation - I've just started using the Nars Sheer Glow and I am in love!xo

  2. So many lovely products that I want for myself!! The Becca Champagne Pop, the sigma and zoeva brushes and the Zoella range are my favourites (:
    Lovely blog post,
    Have an amazing day,

    1. Champagne Pop is literally the best highlighter ever!! I need to purchase some more Zoella beauty products :) Thank you so much! You have an amazing day too xo

  3. I have just re-kindled my love with eyelash curlers after cutting mine off with them a few years back... eek. I've learn't to be careful now ofcourse and love them again x

    1. Ah I bet that hurt so much! I pinched the inner corner of my eyelid with them before so was too scared to try them again after that.. But now I love them and am very careful haha!xo

  4. I have the same lipstick and you just made me want to reach out for it and wear it.


    1. So lovely isn't it! Not drying at all which is great :) xo

  5. I've been loving Mac brave lipstick lately. I think it's such a lovely and complimenting colour!


    1. That shade looks really pretty! I bet it looks gorgeous on :) xo


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