Sunday, 22 March 2015

Skurar Plant Pots from IKEA ♡

I decided to write about these gorgeous pastel plant pots from IKEA (I clearly don't use them as plant pots but hey ho!).

I purchased mine a while ago now and I have been loving them ever since! I have three colours; baby pink, pastel green and white. I really love the colours of these pots as I love anything pastel, so of course I was driven to them automatically. They go extremely well in my room as I currently have a Cath Kidston themed bedroom with both my bedding and wallpaper being of the rose design - which is white, pink and green.
I also really love the lace-style cut-out design, as it gives some depth and style to the plant pots making them look stylish yet simple.
The pink and green pots give your plain room that pop of colour it needs to be noticed and I am a really big fan of plain interior with colourful accessories, giving your room it's own personal sense of style with a hint of your personality thrown into it for good measure.

I use these "plant pots" for storing my make up brushes in and I think that they do a great job and they also look really pretty as well. The best point about these pots is their price - £1.90!! I personally think that this is super cheap and well worth the money. I will definitely be purchasing more of these, should I need more, and you should too!

This is quite a short post today as what more can I write about a few plant pots?! I hope you enjoyed it anyway nevertheless.

Do you own these plants pots from IKEA or anything similar?xoxo

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