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I went to Primark last week and discovered their candle range, here's what I bought..
I know, I know, I'm late to the bandwagon yet again! I'm pretty sure most of you already know how awesome Primark's home section is at the moment, but I thought I'd share a very mini haul of the candles I picked up!
I haven't been to Primark in the longest time (it's always too busy for me to even attempt going inside), so it was nice to go one evening in the week a few weeks back now, when it was fairly quiet and I could have a right good scour of the shop!
I also bought two skirts, a black pair of skinny jeans (for £8 - what!?!) and a pair of black boots, alongside the candles - just in case you were wondering what else I picked up!

Pink Orchid Jar Candle, Wild Orchid & Honey - £1.00
I cannot tell you enough how amazing this scent is, it's absolutely b e a u t i f u l and I love it. It's quite a sweet yet floral scent - perfect for the Spring/Summer. It's also a fairly strong smelling candle, considering that this was only £1.

White Madagascan Vanilla Jar Candle, Madagascan Vanilla - £1.00
Vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents, so obviously I had to pop this one in my basket as well! Again, it was only £1 and also is fairly strong. One thing I find super annoying when buying cheap candles is them not being scented at all, so this did not disappoint.

Pink Golden Ashwood Scented Candle - £4.00
You caught me, I pretty much bought this candle for the jar only.. It just so happens to be a bonus that I'm obsessed with the scent as well, which is obviously the whole point of buying a candle! Can we quickly go back and talk about this jar though? Isn't it soo pretty?! I thought it would end up being a great makeup brush holder, once the candle has all been used up, so for £4 this is a steal and has a multipurpose use - bargain!

Pack of Tealight, Wild Orchid & Honey - £1.00
Not gonna lie, these caught my eye as I was paying and I thought they would be a great blog photography prop - just because they're baby pink and super girly and they were only a pound! This is the same scent as the first candle, so obviously I'll also use them for their intended purpose..

I was very pleasantly surprised with Primark's candle section and I will definitely be going back there to stock up on some more, the next time I'm in town! They're so inexpensive yet still hold their scent, which is obviously really important. I would recommend going and checking their section of candles out, if you haven't already, as I think you'll all be as pleased as I was!


Have you ever purchased a candle from Primark before?xoxo

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  1. I love primark candles and like the sound of all the ones you picked up! I may need to get a few myself. X



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