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HAUL | Goodies from ColourPop

I've been wanting to buy some goodies from Colourpop for the longest time, so when I saw that they were offering free international shipping a few weeks back, I jumped on the chance and went a little O.T.T..

Unfortunately, I obviously didn't miss the pesky custom charges or the Royal Mail handling fee - which was a pain, but because I didn't have to pay shipping on top of that I really didn't mind that much.

My parcel arrived pretty quickly to be honest, I would say it took around a week and I was expecting it to take at least two weeks so I was pleasantly surprised!

When I first opened my parcel, I was greeted with the cutest little note from Colourpop which I think is a lovely little added extra that makes your delivery feel just that little bit more special. It was also packed extremely well with lots of foam material to make sure no damage would be done to the products inside.

As I said earlier, I did decide to treat myself and just buy as much as my budget would let me! I only purchased lip products this time around, but next time there is free international shipping I will definitely order some of their eyeshadow's.

I decided to purchase five of the Ultra Matte Lipsticks, two of the Lippie Stix, two of the Ultra Satin Lipsticks and one of the Lippie Pencils.

Shades, L-R: Bianca, Beeper, Midi, Avenue, Trap

Ultra Matte Lipsticks
I have heard many mixed reviews about the Ultra Matte Lips, but I decided to go ahead and purchase some for myself anyway and make up my own mind on them! A lot of people say they are extremely drying and uncomfortable to wear, but I guess I'll find that out for myself if the rumours are true! I normally tend to apply a little bit of lip salve over the top of any lip product I wear anyway, but I do expect matte lipsticks to be drying!
I will report back with a review post on the Ultra Matte Lipsticks when I have tried them all out.

Bianca - Soft, mauve pink. Perfect for daytime wear. This shade is really pretty and pink and super girly.

Beeper - Warm, mid-tone taupe. The online swatch is c o m p l e t e l y different to the actual colour of this liquid lipstick, which is a little disappointing because I was expecting a more brick red-toned shade. However, I do still like this shade a lot.

Midi - Soft, neutral, pink-y beige. Another shade perfect for daytime wear. This shade is really nice and subtle and not something I would usually go for, as it is quite a light shade.

Avenue - Deep, yellow red. A perfect shade for this time of the year, leading up to Christmas. Definitely a shade that's out of my comfort zone, but I'm excited to try this and see what it looks like!

Trap - Dusty, grey-beige. I don't own anything like this shade - with a grey undertone - and I'm excited to see what this looks like on!

Lippie Stix
I remember first hearing about the Lippie Stix ages ago on Jaclyn Hill's YouTube channel in one of her videos, and I've wanted to try these ever since! I finally got my hands on some and I only decided to purchase two. I haven't heard any negatives about the Lippie Stix, so I'm excited to see how these wear.

Lippie Pencil
I definitely feel like I should have purchased way more of the lip pencils because you can never have too many right? From the swatch, this feels super creamy and highly pigmented which is always a bonus, so I will 100% be buying more of these next time!

Ultra Satin Lip
A lot of bloggers much prefer the Ultra Satin Lip's to the Ultra Matte Lip's, as they find them much more comfortable to wear. Again, I wish I had purchased more of these than the Matte's but it's no big deal and I may get on perfectly fine with the Matte version! Obviously I also bought nude/pink shades because that's just how we roll around here!

Shades, L-R: Alyssa, Echo Park, Tootsie, Oh Snap

Oh Snap (Lippie Stix and Lippie Pencil) - Pale, dirty, nude pink. Another lovely subtle shade, perfect for everyday wear. Originally I wanted Cookie, but I found the online swatch of that one a bit too "foundation-coloured nude" - if you know what I mean. So I settled for Oh Snap instead, which so far I am super pleased with.

Tootsie - Cool-toned, grey/beige. This one is similar in shade to Trap, just a lot more grey/a lot less pink.

Echo Park - Warm, peachy nude. This is a shade that I've never come across before or picked up and I have absolutely no idea why because isn't it beautiful!? I love the peach undertone, I can't wait to try this.

Alyssa - Neutral, dusty pink. Another pink based nude.. I know! I seem to be obsessed. This one is a beautiful baby pink which I love the look of.


In case you're wondering, yes I am interested in having every single Colourpop lip shade available - I mean, can you blame me? They're so inexpensive and the shade range is a m a z i n g!

Have you ever tried anything from Colourpop?xoxo

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