Tuesday, 29 November 2016

BEAUTY | 10 Hacks Every Girl Should Know

1. N E V E R pluck your own eyebrows for the first time! Luckily I am not one of these people who plucked their eyebrows to oblivion when I was at school, but I have heard so many stories about this where girl's wish they had just left their eyebrows alone or gone to get them done professionally. Once you've had them done a few times and you're confident that you know what you're doing, then go ahead and pluck away!

2. D O N O T "bake" (applying a lot of powder and leaving to settle for 2-25 mins) underneath your eyes - this causes very bad wrinkles because powder absorbs oil and moisture which keep our skin looking young and healthy, so packing all of that powder underneath our eyes is not good people! For setting your concealer under your eyes (normally), try using a moisturising/mineral powder that won't age your skin.

3. B R U S H your hair by starting at the ends first and then work your way up to the top of your head - this will avoid splitting and breakage of the hair follicles. Also, don't brush your hair when it's still wet/damp because dampness weakens the hair shaft causing breakage.

4. U S E cellotape to create a sharp, winged, smokey eyeshadow effect by firstly applying the cellotape to the back of your hand and peeling it off again (this makes sure it's not really sticky and isn't going to pull at your eyes which isn't good for them) and then apply the cellotape to the corner of each eye going up towards the tail of the brow. Then start blending away and creating a smokey eye as usual. (Maybe also make sure that you haven't already applied your foundation, as this will save you having to re-apply once the cellotape has pinched it off your skin).

5. N E V E R 'rub' your eye cream underneath your eyes, always use patting motions because constant rubbing can break tiny blood vessels underneath the skin's surface which can cause dark circles and puffy eyes - no one's got time for that!

6. I F you don't own dry shampoo, or don't have any to hand, then use talcum powder to disguise those greasy roots! Although, I will say, don't use too much as your hair will go grey! Just start by using small amounts and you'll be as good as new.

7. A P P L Y any sort of mattifying face powder to your lipstick if you would like more of a matte look and don't own a matte lipstick in the desired shade you want. You can apply this through a thin sheet of tissue, or you could just use a no colour powder and a small amount.

8. S Q U E E Z E lemon juice into a bowl and, using your fingers or an old paint brush/egg wash brush, run this through your hair (if you're blonde or have blonde/light highlights this will work particularly well for you) and sit outside in the sunshine for one to two hours - I used to do this on holiday as you're guaranteed sun - and the lemon juice will subtly react with your hair causing it to lighten.

9. A P P L Y vaseline to your eyelashes each evening, in order to condition them and prevent breakage. This is especially good for those who have previously had eyelash extensions, or who wear false eyelashes a lot.

10. I N S T E A D of mixing two different shades of foundation together, invest in some darkening or lightening drops (either from the Body Shop or anywhere else that sells them). Use these to make your foundation lighter or darker - this is a much cheaper alternative and they last f o r e v e r.

So, there are my beauty tips that I thought I'd share with you guys! All of these work really well and I do swear by a lot of them. Some of them I've picked up along the way and other's I have heard about through fellow beauty lovers!


What's a beauty hack you swear by?xoxo

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