Tuesday, 13 September 2016

TRAVEL | Weekend in London

My boyfriend's amazing sister bought us a night in the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London as a joint birthday present for my boyfriend and I and we were over the moon. I haven't been to London for ages so I was super excited to go back again.

Car Parking

We left really early on Saturday morning and drove to London - we paid for parking with Secure Park and can I just say it was super cheap and amazing, 5 minutes walking distance from our hotel and I would 100% recommend it - we parked in a car park on St Thomas Moore Square (roughly £7 per day!!) and then headed towards where our hotel was.

The Hotel

Our hotel room was such a nice size and I was completely o b s e s s e d with the bathroom and also the amazing view from our hotel window. Now I really want to live in an apartment overlooking London!

The staff in the hotel were super friendly and helpful and our breakfast was a m a z i n g - I can say that I definitely did not have the pancakes with raspberries and maple syrup...

There was also a lovely little spa in our hotel which had a pool, sauna, steam room and jacuzzi in which was very relaxing.

(Oh, and the lifts were awesome!!)

I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone thinking of staying in London and I would definitely stay in this hotel again.

The First Day

I only managed to get two photo's from the first day (minus the images of the hotel room above) because, as you can tell, it decided to rain on Saturday and I didn't want my camera getting soaked!

We also didn't get up to much on the first day we were there because of the weather, but we did have a wander round Tower Bridge and decided on where we were going to go for dinner and we also just chilled out a little bit in our hotel room as we knew that Sunday would be our busy day sightseeing and we didn't want to kill our feet off on the first day!

In the evening, we went for dinner at Jamie's Italian and I had the best Spaghetti Bolognese I've ever had in my life (I know, statement of the year right there!) and my boyfriend and I also shared Garlic Bread and Calamari to start which were equally as incredible.

After dinner we decided to treat ourselves and go to the spa for a swim and sauna which was so lovely and a great end to our first day.

The Second Day

We started off our day by taking a trip into Oxford Street (we didn't stay long because it was mega busy and we had already spent enough in the two hours we were there for..) and then hopped on the tube to head to our lunch spot - Hard Rock Cafe. Neither of us had ever been to a Hard Rock Cafe before so we were excited to see what it had in store for us! I had the Twisted Mac, Chicken and Cheese which was amazing and thinking about it now is making my mouth water. K had the Hickory BBQ Burger which was insane and he also ordered a side of onion rings - they were the size of my head!!

After lunch, we headed towards Buckingham Palace and took some snaps and soaked up the sun on our way (while also catching Pokemon, #priorities) and then we decided to head to Covent Garden as neither of us had been there before and we wanted to see what all of the fuss was about! It was super busy and we didn't stay too long but the atmosphere was awesome. On our way to Covent Garden, we walked through St James Park which was beautiful.

By the time we'd done all of this it was time to head back home. As I said previously we did drive, so on our route home we ended up going via Westminster and seeing the London Eye and Big Ben like proper tourists and thank goodness the sun was out because photo's always look 10x better when the sun's out!

Have you ever visited London?xoxo

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