Tuesday, 12 July 2016

People on Snapchat you NEED to Follow ♡

The title of this post seems quite bossy.. But what I actually mean is 'people who I find really interesting on snapchat that I love following and I thought I would share that with you in case you love them too' - but that's kinda too long so I opted for 'you NEED to follow' instead and put 'need' in capitals just because.

Anyway, now that's out of the way, let's get on to the  people that I follow on Snapchat who I think are worthwhile to give a follow to.

1. Jaclyn Hill (jaclynrhill)
This lady is hilarious and I am just as obsessed with her snapchat as I am with her YouTube channel. She never fails to make me laugh and I love seeing what she gets up to in her day-to-day life.

2. Lydia Elise Millen (lydiaemillen)
So obsessed with Lydia it's probably not even normal!? I love how real and down to earth she is - this especially comes across in her snapchats - and her cute kitty Lumi is adorable.

3. Sarah Ashcroft (sarah_ashcroft)
Ah, the life of a fashion blogger! You can always catch Sarah with a cocktail in hand and dressed head-to-toe in some of the most fashionable pieces. I love her snapchat (obviously..) and she seems extremely lovely.

4. Official Zoella (officialzoella)
Following Zoe on snapchat is like watching her daily vlogs in real time - there's always plenty of cute Nala to see and she just cracks me up.

5. Lauren Curtus (lozcurtispublic)
Lauren loves a good rant! Which I genuinely enjoy listening to/watching because she always speaks the truth and knows exactly what she's talking about.

6. Kourtney Kardashian (kourtneykardash)
Out of all the Kardashians (Kylie, Kim and Kourtney) I would definitely say that I prefer to watch Kourtney as her sense of humour is great and she doesn't overwhelm you with 5 minute long stories of herself posing/singing in the car..

7. Official Shay M (officialshaym)
Fancy keeping up with PLL behind the scenes? Give Shay a follow! She'll also make you want to exercise and eat pizza..

So there are a few snapchat people that I find really interesting, I could list more but I literally watch about 20-30 people (I know, I'm so sad..) so that list could potentially go on forever.


Who are your favourite people on snapchat?xoxo

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