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Top 15 | My Favourite YouTube Channels ♡

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Today I thought that I would share with you guys the YouTuber's that I really enjoy watching on a weekly basis. I watch a range of people and most of them have different techniques as well as hair, eye and skin colour. They are all super talented and deserve many more subscribers/followers than they already have. 

I feel like doing something a little different as most people just list there favourites in one long column - I have decided to add a little note underneath each person so you can get a feel for what there channel is like before clicking on them. I hope this is helpful!

Stunningly gorgeous and the best YouTuber I watch hands down! Jaclyn has red hair and green/blue eyes. Her videos are mainly makeup tutorials. (American)

The ever famous Zoella who I am sure you have all heard of. If you haven't, she is one for the chatty videos and normally does Haul's, Challenges and Baking videos. You can also relate to her a lot. Her second channel 'More Zoella' is videos of her day-to-day life. (English)

Lauren is super pretty and she's Australian so I love her accent! She also has blonde hair and blue eyes - the typical pretty looking girl! Lauren's channel mainly revolves around makeup tutorials suitable for people with fair skin, blonde hair and blue eyes. (Australian)

Another stunning makeup artist who comes across extremely genuine and so lovely. Alli has blonde/brown hair with blue/green eyes and she mixes in hair tutorials along with her makeup tutorials. (American)

Possibly the most talented human being on this planet!? MadeYewLook is an extremely talented body painter so if you want to be amazed, check out her channel because she is the definition of awesome! (American)

Super glam and very fashionable! Carli has long and luscious brunette hair with blue eyes and her channel is a mixture of quite a few videos, mainly revolving around makeup tutorials. Carli is also very fashionable and her closet is insane!! (American)

Chloe Morello

Chloe is so funny and I always laugh every time I watch her videos as she really doesn't take herself seriously which is great to see. She mainly posts beauty related videos and also shares the occasional vlog or two. Chloe has brunette hair with blue/green eyes. (Australian)

Another Australian beauty guru (I really do love the Australian accent haha..). Shani is really down to earth and a lot of her videos involve q&a's with very personal questions and fair play to her for answering most of the questions she gets asked! A lot of different makeup tutorials are featured on Shani's YouTube and I love watching her. She has extremely long brunette hair with the most gorgeous brown eyes! (Australian)

Extremely down to earth and her YouTube videos are always of great quality. Sarah Ashcroft is very fashion forward and always looks great in everything! She also shares beauty tutorials along with hauls and fashion videos on her channel. Sarah's Instagram is also worth a follow - her theme is insane. She has brown/blonde ombré hair with gorgeous blue eyes. (English)

Definitely a different kind of YouTuber to watch. Meghan creates her own type of videos that she would like to watch and is basically herself! She also does regular favourites videos and haul's and has blonde hair with blue/green eyes. (American)

Tyler is so super funny and I always laugh when I watch his videos! They're always personal and specific to him and his personality and they're the type's of videos you watch when you're feeling down. (American)

Kathleen is so cute with brown hair and green eyes. Her videos are mainly beauty related and she creates many tutorials which are always great to watch. (American)


The youngest of the bunch at only 18 years old! She has dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. Chloe's channel is beauty related and she normally posts makeup videos and haul's. (Irish)

Who are your favourite YouTuber's?xoxo
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  1. These are all some great channels! I'll definitely have to check some of these out. I haven't heard of them!

    Stephanie ● Sartorial Diner

    1. Definitely do, they're all so amazing! I always love finding new channels to watch :) xo

  2. Thank you, some great channels, some I had never heard of!

    1. You're welcome! I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do :) I know, there's so many channels out there and I always love finding new ones to watch xo

  3. Thanks for sharing, there's loads here that I haven't heard of so I'll be giving them a watch! My favourites are In The Frow, Hello October and I Covet Thee - I want to be best friends with all of them! x

    Always, Alice

    1. You're welcome! You definitely won't be disappointed, they're all amazing :) I've heard of In The Frow and Hello October and I follow their blogs so I'll check out their channels now along with I Covet Thee who I've never heard of - thank you for sharing those with me xo

  4. Alot of these YouTubers are new to me so I'm definitely going to check them out! Thanks for the recommendations! xx

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

    1. Ah wow, isn't that so crazy!? I literally thought that most people would know who they were due to the large amount of followers that they have haha! You're welcome - I hope that you manage to find a few that you really like :) xo

  5. Loved this post! Given me some new ideas to subscribe to :) I love Becca Rose, Dolly Bow Bow, Loved By Steph and Freddy My Love :)

    Karen | www.littlebeautywishes.co.uk

    1. Thank you!! I'm glad that you liked this post and that it was helpful :) Ooh thank you for those! I've heard of both Becca Rose and Freddy My Love, but not the other two so I will definitely check them out xo

  6. I have heard of most of these, I like Chloe Morello, Ill be giving madeyewlook a look. I also like In the Frow and Sunbeamsjess at the moment. Both British.


    1. Yay, I'm glad I'm not the only one haha! Chloe Morello is so funny, I follow her on snapchat as well and she constantly makes me laugh! Madeyewlook is SOOO talented!! I've heard of both of those and I think Tanya Burr likes Sunbeamsjess :) xo

  7. oh so many loved youtubers!! but still my favorite one has to be Kathleen!!

    Love, Violeta

    1. I love them all! Kathleen is a new YouTuber that I follow and I think she's so cute and funny and I love her makeup videos :) xo


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