Monday, 1 August 2016

HOLIDAY | Sardinia, Italy

I have recently got back from a very hot and sunny time away in Sardinia, Italy with my best friend (I say recently, but I have been lazy with getting this post up so it has now been 3 weeks since).
I had the most amazing week with the once in a lifetime opportunity - the experience of living on a Yacht.

Motion sickness and I don't really bode well, so it was safe to say that I was a little apprehensive and I did actually end up taking five doses of sickness tablets on the first day.. Luckily that didn't last all week and by the last two days I was only needing to take one or two doses.

I am forever grateful to my best friend's parents for taking me away with them on this amazing trip, and it is definitely one that I will never forget.

I'll stop rambling now and just let you see the photo's - enjoy!

Bonifacio, Corsica, France. On this day we decided to go for a mini hike (yes, in 34 degree weather, no, don't ask me why either..).

 This was at 7.30am and the sun rising was just absolutely beautiful, I had to take a photo - of course!

Sardinia, Italy. Such a beautiful place - amazing for all you photography lovers out there!

Breakfast each day was super yummy and I, of course, had a nutella croissant or two every morning (#noshame). There was also other fresh pastries, fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, granola, toast and various jams to choose from. 

The water was literally this colour everywhere we went, and it couldn't be more inviting if it tried. Oh how I wish we had water this colour in the UK..

I really should have taken a lot more photo's than I did, but I was just trying to take it all in and enjoy myself without thinking 'ooh take a photo of this' 'ooh and that!' every ten seconds.. So, there's a small handful of photo's that I hope you've all enjoyed having a nosey at, and I'm really sorry if I have now made you want to eat a nutella croissant :)


Have you been on holiday recently?xoxo

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