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A Little Monthly Round-up | April ♡



So, I've decided to do a monthly blog post including posts from both my Instagram and Blog as a sort of 're-cap' of the past month.

I'm desperately trying to sort out my mess of an Instagram page at the moment (the struggle is real) which is why I'm not posting as much as I'm only posting the photo's I am genuinely happy to post, to keep my 'theme' looking pretty and "professional".

I've also decided to include an 'interactive' monthly question's section - hope you enjoy!

Funniest thing that happened to you? There wasn't really anything 'funny' that happened to me this month.. Although my boyfriend and our friend and I all went to see some horses race and it decided to tip it down with rain so we got soaked.. Looking back on it it's a little funny but not rolling-round-on-the-floor-in-stitches-funny so I guess that doesn't really count but hey, at least I sort of answered the question!
Which book(s) did you read? Sadly, I didn't actually read a book this month! But I'm hoping that answering this question every month will encourage me to read more, as I really do love reading.
Favourite movie(s)? I watched 'Aloha' again this month on Netflix - such a great rom-com!
Something that made you proud of yourself? I hit 200 followers on BlogLovin' at the beginning of the month and to be honest that made me pretty proud of myself as I dedicate a lot of my time to my blog and I really enjoy it, so to know that 200+ other people enjoy my content too makes me really giddy :)
Which games did you play? Literally the same games I play every month.. Kim Kardashian and Kylie and Kendall (I know, I'm so sad but they're super addictive..), Township, Candy Mania, Cupcake Mania and Pirate Kings - literally I am the biggest child I know!!
Did you travel anywhere? Unfortunately not which makes me a little sad. The only place I've travelled to this month was to work and back.. So NOT fun.
What food have you tried and loved? I tried blueberries this month and they're okay. I mean I wouldn't choose to eat them all the time but they're quite nice with yoghurt!
Which song(s) have you been listening to the most? Three songs I have been obsessing over this month: Dangerous Woman and Be Alright by Ariana Grande and Hands To Myself by Selena Gomez.
Favourite accessory? My boyfriend bought me this ring from Pandora and it's so cute and I love it!
Favourite item of clothing? I've very recently been obsessed with this bomber from Missguided and also this top from Asos.
What did you learn? I've learnt to try and appreciate the little things in life this month as I always feel a little ungrateful at times and it's really beginning to bug me!

Funniest thing that happened to you?

Which book(s) did you read?
Favourite movie(s)?
Something that made you proud of yourself?
Which games did you play?
Did you travel anywhere?
What food have you tried and loved?
Which song(s) have you been listening to the most?
Favourite accessory?
Favourite item of clothing?
What did you learn?


I would love to hear your feedback for this new personal monthly touch. I really enjoyed putting it together and I'm hoping to keep this up every month. Please also feel free to answer the above questions in the comments below as I'd love to see/hear your answers!

How did April treat you?xoxo

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