Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Year's Resolutions - 10 Things I Need To Do ♡

  1. Become more organised with my blog - Write to do lists of what I would like to write about and be sure to upload on regular occasions.
  2. Start various make up courses to persue my chosen career in becoming a freelance makeup artist.
  3. Be more social - this may sound stupid, but I never go out and do things and then I wonder why I don't feel great about anything. I need to make more of an effort with seeing my friends and family and doing the things that I enjoy doing.
  4. Spend less money!! This one is a must, I am planning on moving out with my boyfriend and, at the rate I'm going, it's going to take me year's to be able to save up and afford a house deposit let alone a mortgage.. I need to put myself on monthly spending bans (whether that be on makeup or clothes) and make sure that I stick to it. 
  5. Save more! Carrying on from the one above - I need to save hard and as much as I possibly can. I used to be really good at saving and then I got into a habit of becoming obsessed with makeup..
  6. Stick to a constant exercise routine - I have started a Zumba class and I absolutely love it. I also like to work out at home because it is cheaper and easier so I have started to do a workout DVD (Charlotte Crosby Belly Blitz to be specific) and I would love to do this DVD a little more and also stick to it. Maybe I will try to exercise three times a week as that's not too much and it's also not too little.
  7. Get myself organised - this one covers a whole range of things. I need to start getting myself into a 'night time' routine and this means washing my hair every other night, sticking to a facial routine and making sure I moisturise my skin every night and also coming off of social media/my phone at a certain time in the evening. I also need to start getting up earlier in the morning so I can actually eat breakfast before I go to work. This means that I will need to set myself an alarm so that I can wake up, have a shower, get myself ready and then have some breakfast and also leave on time for work so I'm never late (I hate being late!!).
  8. Drink more water! I'm honestly so bad at this.. I've recently downloaded an App where I input everything I have drank that day and I am currently not doing very well at all! So I definitely need to try very hard to drink a lot more and keep myself hydrated. 
  9. Worry less - This one is definitely going to be the hardest for me because I am a constant worrier! I hate worrying yet I still do it every single day. So I'm definitely going to concentrate on not letting things phase me as much.
  10. Throw away more - I'm a little bit of a hoarder and I never get rid of anything as I get too attached which is just ridiculous because it's not even sentimental things, it's normally just clothes and shoes and pointless junk like that! So I'm definitely going to try harder with this.
What is a New Year's resolution of yours?xoxo

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  1. Spending less money is definitely something I need to work on to! Happy new year. x


    1. It's so so hard when everything is so tempting! Happy new year to you also xo


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