Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Kylie Jenner Lip | My Perfect Combination ♡

We all know that the 'Kylie Jenner Lip' was, and still is, such a massive craze. I honestly have no idea what it was about her perfectly nude lips that made everyone go wild and want the exact same colour, yet here I am with my own creation of the perfect nude lip inspired by Kylie Jenner herself..

Lip Liner in Ceramic by Topshop - £5.00

I have chosen the gorgeous nude lip liner by Topshop and paired it with the equally beautiful '1995' Gerard Cosmetics lipstick created by Jaclyn Hill - who actually created this brown nude inspired by the Kylie Jenner lip craze!
Needless to say, I am very obsessed with both of these products and they are pretty inexpensive. I have re-purchased Topshop's Nude Lip Liner around three or four times now (I know, obsessed right!?) and I will continue to do so until it is discontinued, which I really do hope never happens. 
'1995' by Gerard Cosmetics is a stunning brown toned nude which compliments the Topshop lip liner beautifully. As I previously said, the YouTuber Jaclyn Hill teamed up with Gerard Cosmetics in the making of '1995' as her perfect Kylie Jenner nude.

1995 Lipstick by Gerard Cosmetics - $19 (Approx. £12.00)

You can really see how lovely this shade of nude is and I never thought that my favourite nude shade would be a brown one, I always thought that I would love the pink ones! But I actually don't even own a pink nude (yes I really do need to purchase one for myself) which is shocking as one of my favourite colours is pink! Anyway, this particular lipstick is highly pigmented and so smooth so is definitely worth the purchase in my opinion. I do find all lipstick's quite drying on my lips and there is no exception with this one, but I don't really mind this factor as I am pretty used to it now and all I need to do once I have removed my make up is moisturize my lips so it really is no big drama for me. 

This is the lip combination on myself. I do really like how complimentary this colour of nude is on my skin and the rest of the features on my face, it's like a really sophisticated, day-time appropriate, subtle '1950's glam' look (if you disagree, that's totally fine haha). I definitely feel like this lip combination could either be dressed up or down depending on outfit choice, hairstyle, eye look and the amount of make up you are choosing to wear.

What is your perfect Kylie Jenner lip combo?xoxo

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